"It takes 1 to initiate...... 2 to escalate...... and a team to prosper "

Mr. Nadeem Jafri


For someone as well-qualified as Nadeem, setting up a business seems easier but not after spending almost a decade of a career in the alternative fields. While leaving a secure job in the advertising domain, he certainly was driven by a strong passion and an inspiration that would forever change not only his own life, but that of many others. It was his courage and determination that brought him back to a rural neighbourhood of Ahmedabad, a place that not only lacked business opportunities but had recently witnessed a tumultuous riot situation. Even in such aggressive & regressive circumstances, he not only established a supermarket store but has successfully converted it into a prospering brand that the rural regions get to rarely see.

Mr. Vajirali Momin

Managing Director & Group CEO

From a small restaurant employee to Managing Director & Group CEO of Hearty Mart, Vajirali has a story worth telling and inspiring. His experience of supplying spices and raw materials under the banner of Ashish Enterprises to hundreds of hotels and restaurants made him a suitable partner in opening a supermarket chain, as acknowledged by Mr. Nadeem. The two officially merged their individual initiatives in 2008 and the merger brought more power to the brand Hearty Mart! An outstanding business model was established which in a decade’s time has diversified into numerous fields by bringing onboard a team of business developers and capable entrepreneurs that would take Heart Mart to the position it has acquired today after 10+ years.

Mr. Hussain Abbas

Group Sales Director

As co-founder of Ashish Enterprises and with the subsequent merger with Hearty Mart, Hussain Abbas migrated into the new format and continued handling the sales in the HoReCa segment. With a strong agricultural background from a village Hussain Abbas had this fire in his belly to make it big in the city and Hearty Mart Enterprise became that platform that nurtured his career graph and today he is responsible not only for Hearty Mart Enterprise Sales but also takes care of the overall Group Sales too.

Mr. Sabir Hussain

Head Retail

Sabir Hussain has to his credit of being the first employee of Hearty Mart Super Market. Masters in Commerce and with a B.Ed degree he had aspirations of being that wonderful teacher who could inspire students in a school. Destiny had something else in mind! Today, from the first employee at the Super Market he has worked his way up to head the Retail division. Working at the grass root level has given him that edge of knowing the lacunas, understanding and dealing with customers, trading and inventory management and he is successfully managing the retail section of Hearty Mart Enterprise.

Ms. Snehal Prajapati

Chief Finance Officer

Her presence in the Corporate Group team reinforces the ethical values of encouraging the right talent and giving equal opportunities to all. Armed with a MBA in Finance, Snehal began her career as a trainee with the group and her sincerity, dedication and sharp insight of the industry, trends and financial management soon saw her managing Hearty Mart Enterprise and later won her the position of Group CFO, and of course with the position she carries the additional responsibility of contributing to the group’s expansion plans.

The Team

The Hearty Mart’s founders draw their strength from their team of performers. The people behind the supermarket chain & their ventures today are the ones who made this dream come true through their commitment & belief in the Founders & the Brand. This is the best any enterprise can ask for! Each and every individual plays a key role in the overall strategy.