Hearty Mart Tea Packers

Hearty Mart Tea Packers

A cup of tea holds value in every situation! And, that’s absolutely true in a tea-obsessed country like India. From relieving stress after a hectic day at the office to making a chit-chat more enjoyable among family and friends, tea is simply irreplaceable. That’s what inspired our thoughts for the next addition to our growing Hearty Mart brand of offerings. By 2010, we had already nurtured a worthwhile reputation as a reliable wholesaler and supplier catering to the HoReCa segment key retailers across Ahmedabad. It was strategically the ideal time to announce Hearty Mart Tea Packers.

Fortunately, we were approached by Mr. Sabbirali Momin and Mr. Abidali Momin with the desire to give up their respective professions as an agriculturist and a computer teacher for becoming entrepreneurs & spearheading this venture. The discussion over ‘chai’ actually struck the chord and there began the journey of our now highly-recognized tea brand called “Day Break”. With the help of our clients from the hotel, restaurant and catering (HoReCa) verticals, the brand was able to make its way to the tables and trays serving their guests. Today, Day Break Dust Tea secures 80% of its sales from these three segments, while the remaining 20% comes from the supply to the retailers in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Hearty Mart Tea Packers endorses its tea with the tagline of ‘Taazgi bhari shuruat’ (the most refreshing way to begin your day). In order to meet up to the promise, we are committed to paying attention to every aspect that makes our tea brands just the right choice for our clients, retailers as well as their customers. We select the most hygienically-prepared and healthy tea varieties that cater extraordinarily to every sense of sight, touch, smell and taste. The tea is packaged in a way that every packet gets visual attention and preserves the quality of the content inside.

At the same time, we continue with our tradition of bringing the best products at the most competitive wholesale prices. Day Break Dust, along with Day Break CTC Leaf, has acquired great visibility across store shelves and rests on shelves of major highway restaurants across 3 states. We are excited over the soon-to-be-launched Dip Tea and Green Tea and we have premium tea leaves and coffee in the pipeline.