About Us

Who would have thought of starting a new venture in the tumultuous Ahmedabad region of Gujarat in the early 2000s? Mr. Nadeem Jafri took the bold initiative of setting up a convenience store and that too, after giving up a prospering career in advertising field. However, it was not just the communal tension that questioned the destiny of this initiative. The area he selected had never witnessed a supermarket-like shopping environment and comprised mainly of residents from the low-earning lower middle class. And, Nadeem’s inspiration, which came from an esteemed supermarket brand he once visited in Mumbai, was difficult to replicate in an undeveloped area.

After considering the humoungous challenge that lay ahead and calculating the risks involved, Nadeem went ahead and the first Hearty Mart store saw the daylight in 2004 at Juhapura. The people of Juhapura, who had been habitual of buying their grocery stuff from the home-run shops/ local mom-n-pop stores, were intrigued to find a modern shopping destination within such convenient reach. Hence was coined the tagline for the Hearty Mart supermarket – Sabse Khaas Ghar ke Paas (the very best near your home). The store not only attempted at meeting most of the shopping needs under one roof but also followed a pricing mode that suited the incomes and budgets of the locals. And so, it set the ball rolling and rest, as they say is history today!

The next big goal was to motivate people towards entrepreneurship through the Hearty Mart franchise program. Riding high on the success of his very first launch, Nadeem started looking for people with talent, desire and passion to step into the shoes of an entrepreneur but lacked knowledge, opportunities and resources. So, he came up with an elaborated franchisee process that included evaluation, selection and preparation of the right candidates and carefully identifying the area to set up a franchise store. The efforts paid off in 2007 when the first Hearty Mart franchise store was inaugurated at Ilol.

The Hearty Mart Supermarket journey reached another milestone as it partnered with Mr. Vajirali Momin, owner of Ashish Enterprises in 2008 and collaboratively began operating as Hearty Mart Enterprises. Over the next decade, the enterprise came up with more than a dozen super stores mainly across the rural and semi-urban regions. Its franchise model has constantly improved with time and is continuously pushing its own limits.

According to Nadeem and his team of business developers, the idea of Hearty Market Supermarket clicked mainly because of the local people’s growing acceptance and transition towards the customer-centric shopping destinations. Those residing in the areas where these super stores operate have adapted to the changing times, with the use of mobile phones and the internet and recognition of brands growing up with the growth in average incomes.

Hearty Mart Supermarket dreams big to enhance it’s presence beyond 2 and 3-tier regions and acquire a standing of a well-recognized supermarket store at the global level!

Mission & Vision

A flourishing rural supermarket chain to bring top-quality branded products at the right price for customers and franchise opportunities for the prospective entrepreneurs and accomplish the ultimate motto of ‘Sabse Khaas Ghar ke Pass’.

Highlight Statement

With an honest attempt to uplift the shopping experience, Hearty Mart welcomes hundreds of buyers to its super stores and grocery stores every single day. Our supermarket setup has evolved in sync with the evolving needs and lifestyles of the people, especially the semi-urban and rural areas. We wish to continue and expand this initiative with more budding entrepreneurs joining the chain.