About Us

The story of Hearty Mart Supermarket followed with the success story of the merger and emergence of Hearty Mart Enterprises is just one of the interesting stories. The foundation of Celesta - Hearty Mart Packaging Solutions is another great story which stemmed from the belief of the Founder & Brand Partners of creating and nurturing entrepreneurs.

It was one such moment when Abid Ali walked into the office of Nadeem Jaffrey & Vajirali with a paper napkin in his hand and approached the Corporate Group to help him in setting up a venture that manufactures and trades in paper products and other disposable items. The idea took no time to turn into a reality with Abidali Mominin launching Celesta Enterprises packaging solutions as a part of the expanding Hearty Mart group in the year 2009.

Keeping up with the Hearty Mart legacy, Celesta Enterprises started delivering the finest food packaging materials and disposables. Our packaging solutions are available in different sizes, shapes and colours to synchronize with the brand value and need of your establishment, whether it is a food manufacturing or catering unit or a restaurant, juice bar, bakery or fast food joint. We meet the most desired quality parameters.

Mission & Vision

To attain the top industry position in manufacturing, wholesale and supply of superior quality eco-friendly disposable packaging materials matching the prescribed food industry standards.

Highlight Statement

Shop for the customized food packaging materials and disposables that are innovating in designs and highly durable in terms of quality. Present your products in the most attractive manner and keep them fresh and safe against contamination. We help you address your requirements and at the same time understand our responsibility towards the environment. Our products are biodegradable and recyclable materials.