Hearty Mart Marketing & Logistics

Hearty Mart Marketing & Logistics

Hearty Mart Enterprises believes in steadily expanding its business model by constantly identifying how its retailers and franchisees, as well as the end-customers, can benefit the most out of it. At first, Hearty Mart Supermarket was established with the aim of providing a convenient retail shopping environment. Then, the franchise program was introduced to replicate similar super stores in various adjoining regions, specially focussing on rural and semi-urban areas. The next step was to supply merchandise to the retail stores, hotels, restaurants and catering businesses (HoReCa). Later, the need was felt to connect them all through an efficient supply network and that led to the birth of Hearty Mart Logistics in 2009-10.

The idea was simple – to ensure an uninterrupted reach and timely delivery of merchandise from Hearty Mart’s own brands and other popular brands to the clients, franchisees and retailers so that no customer experiences an ‘out-of-stock’ situation. The core Hearty Mart team worked hard to develop the idea and was joined by Mr. Bakarali Momin and Mr. Miqdad Ali Momin to take the initiative further and create a full-fledged logistics network encompassing the areas in Gujarat.

The best part of the model is that we offer logistics and marketing support not only for the Hearty Mart products but also for products from other brands. We are proud to have on our list reputed associate brands such as:

Nestle, Cadbury, Mr. Puff, Crave Eatables & Unibic.