Hearty Mart Flour Trading

Hearty Mart Flour Trading

As a company with a background in setting up supermarkets, bakery, tea packing and more, Hearty Mart has become synonymous with quality food commodities. Our specialization and experience inspired us to launch a flour mill to facilitate the production of premium-grade wheat flour. In this endeavour, we are delighted to have the companionship of experts and clients at every stage that gives us the encouragement to become a leading wheat flour manufacturer, supplier and exporter in the near future.

Our first aim is to procure the supreme quality wheat from the farms of Gujarat as well as the neighbouring states. We have the perfect facility to store, clean and process the grains so that they preserve their desirable characteristics and goodness. With the setting up of the sophisticated flour mill machinery, we complete the preparations to produce wheat flour on large scale. Not to forget, Hearty Mart is always blessed to have the dedication of passionate professionals and we are fortunate to have a team with adequate knowledge and experience to run the flour mill as well.

The company’s invincible bond with the retailers, wholesalers and businesses from the verticals like hotels, catering and restaurants is anticipated to play a significant role in making Hearty Mart wheat flour available in every nook and corner. Finally, our in-house packaging and logistics experts give us the confidence to maintain a fast delivery network.

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