About Us

After building up a growth-oriented environment for the local rural community, we were excitedly looking for many more opportunities to take it further. At one point, few farmers into fruit farming reached out to us with a commercial proposal of utilizing extra fruit produce. However, the idea graduated into reaching out to a larger section of the agricultural fraternity and not limiting to fruit juices or other related produce.

Secondly, our attention was caught by the regular news about the local farmers selling their lands and migrating to the cities. Unfortunately, they would seldom find decent opportunities in industry-led urban settings. At the same time, it affects the overall agricultural production which leads to poor-quality produce and price inflation. This led us to a thought of including the farmers in our Hearty Mart family and thus, the seed was sown for Hearty Mart Farm2Market.

So, how does it work? We, at Hearty Mart, have hired a team of professionally qualified, knowledgeable and experienced people who collaborate with the farmers and help them at every stage of producing profitable farm produce. From selecting the right seeds and farm equipment to adopting the best farming practices to taking advantage of the government-recognized schemes for the farmers, we assist them to improve their production not just in terms of quantity but in quality as well. We are proud that on our panel of experts we have as an advisor on board, a passionate Agro-Scientist who has to his credit the research and development of 11 varieties of excellent quality wheat seeds that produce a great harvest crop.

Then, the already established Hearty Mart network takes up the responsibility to deliver their produce to the right avenues, including our own Hearty Mart supermarkets and franchisee stores and other vendors as well as our clients from the hotel, restaurant and catering businesses (HoReCa), at the right time and at the best prices. In a nutshell, the farmers and their families get the returns they deserve.

Hearty Mart Farm2Market invites supermarkets and other vendors to order fresh farm produce from us and enjoy fast delivery on demand. We are committed to responsibly pack and deliver the products to your doorsteps. Call us for more information.

Mission & Vision

Producing the finest-quality wheat flour by adopting the top standards of wheat procuring and processing and flour packaging and extending our reach across many regions with the ultimate aim to enrich the lives & health of consumers.

Highlight Statement

Promise our customers the highest standards of purity and freshness by serving them Hearty Mart Flour Trading wheat flour produced in the state-of-the-art flour mill in the heart of Gujarat. Be a part of our growing client base as we venture into the field of wheat four manufacturing and take advantage of our well-known packaging and logistics services to get fresh and healthy wheat flour delivered to your doorsteps.