Started the journey in 2004, Hearty Mart was the first-ever Supermarket opened in Ahmedabad’s Juhapura with a vision of providing the best merchandise to everyone residing there. Thereafter, the founder of Hearty Mart took the liberty to start with the biggest chain in Supermarkets in Rural and Semi-Urban areas.


We often think about bringing equality in society but not everyone can achieve this. Hearty Mart has been constantly working on the development of the rural sector and constantly looking out for the different opportunities that might help in the upliftment of these rural and semi-urban areas. Creating opportunities at the Rural level and other initiatives and programs for the development on a whole societal level is what we are looking forward to!

Hearty Mart has successfully able to accomplish the need and demands of the people in the locality of each store and more than 12 Supermarkets across Gujarat. People have now started to rely upon all their needs from Groceries to Household needs to electronic appliances and many other necessities which people often have to search for in different stores. All these things are now available at Hearty Mart under one roof. Hearty Mart offers a wide range of products with a choice of fresh produced groceries, and an online shopping experience with a fast delivery service in any part of the Areas.

On 20th February, Hearty Mart opened its first-ever Hypermarket named,“ Super Bazaar” near Sidhpur. This project was specially built keeping in mind the luxury shopping experience to be given to the people where they can shop while eating. A Special Play area is created for all the kids so now the customers can relax and shop happily. A shopping experience where you can meet your daily requirements as well as have fun.

We hope to make the lives of the people living in rural and Semi-urban areas better and create many more opportunities for them and also constantly work on opening up new entrepreneurial avenues for Rural Communities.


For all of us, going to the grocery store has been a more regular task as we level up our expertise in home-cooking. Yet there are concerns about how to better secure yourself and others during an ongoing pandemic.

It is less of a concern to touch objects on the shelf than to hit high-touch surfaces. There is actually no evidence of the virus being spread by the packaging of produce or food. While tests have shown that the virus can survive for up to 72 hours on plastic, this is a controlled laboratory analysis that uses high amounts of infectious viruses. The same research, however, found that the same high infectious virus levels do not live well on surfaces.

No, you don’t need the food to be sanitized, because it can literally be harmful to do so. Chemicals and soaps that you might use are not licensed for food use, and we don’t know if they’re safe at all. Instead, under cold running water, wash your produce and dry it with a clean towel. You should not have to wait to unpack your groceries either. Simply wash your hand after unpacking it, instead.

Wearing gloves in public is not advised, in part because they can help disperse germs. The hands of humans have a lot of microbial, built-in skin defenses. COVID-19 on gloves will largely live longer than it does on paws. Wearing gloves is recommended in some cases but not necessarily in the supermarket nearby you. For one, you should wear gloves and only take them off when you’re done or if you’re in touch with a surface that’s potentially contaminated. The best coronavirus preventive procedure is always hand washing.

Wearing a mask will help protect people from getting sick. You can have COVID-19 and not know it, so if you’re asymptomatic, wearing a mask can help protect you from transmitting the infection. It is also important to follow social distancing recommendations when shopping for groceries.


Health and a healthier lifestyle are everybody’s first priority. Only an all-efficient, good-service supermarket close to you will satisfy these simple demands. We’ll take you to Ahmedabad’s largest store – HeartyMart.

Quality and Price satisfaction
Our first ingredient is pricing for the customer loyalty recipe. We do not battle or discount unnecessarily, but keep the fiscal calculation that suits you and us best. The stock demand for our stores is pre-recorded and we bring a direct route from farmers and suppliers in the basics. Our team’s budget-savvy approaches make your shopping trip comfortable. You don’t have to think a second time about picking an item since everything is cheap and affordable.

Online Shopping available
You will effortlessly enjoy grocery shopping at HeartyMart with instant and secure delivery services. Our best-rated online grocery delivery service would provide you with the greatest shopping experience. Our far-chained and prompt delivery team ensures that within minutes your grocery store is properly packaged and distributed to you at your marked spot.

Best Produce in Town
Among the most important reasons people want to shop at Hearty Mart are the price, product quality, and the range of items our store carries. In order to include consumer favorites in both regular and organic options, we aim to bring modern, refreshing and creative offerings to the market, ensuring that our consumers receive premium goods that offer a top-notch value proposition. Garden-fresh from the plant, and brand-new from producers/distributors.

Variety of Options to choose from
Our stores are in the ratings to excel, not only in merchandise consistency, but also in product selection, healthy options, choice of locally grown goods, and collection of international products or multicultural foods. Our shops are equipped with products from all over the state and the world, meaning that they have the best options for our Ahmedabadi people.

Top-Notch and satisfactory service
Our members are largely happy with the operation. With helpfulness and openness to the qualities of employees and staff, we make substantial exceptions. We learn about your preferences and provide you with the relevant advice.

We’re sharp-set for customer feedback and scores. You inspire us to provide the best overall experience.


Everyone’s first priority is health and a better lifestyle. These basic demands can only be met with an all-efficient, good-service supermarket near you. We introduce you to the biggest supermarket of Ahmedabad – HeartyMart.

Fair Price for Fair Quality

Our first ingredient for the customer satisfaction formula is pricing. We do not overly fight or discount, but retain the fiscal estimate that better fits you and us. The stock requirement for our stores is pre-recorded and we carry in the essentials by a direct route from farms and manufacturers. The budget-savvy techniques of our team make your shopping experience comfortable. You don’t have to worry about choosing an object a second time, everything is inexpensive and affordable.

Best Product Available

Among the most important reasons people want to shop at Hearty Mart are the price, product quality, and the range of products our store carries. 

In order to provide consumer essentials in both regular and organic options, we aim to bring modern, refreshing and creative goods to the market, so that our customers receive quality items that offer a top-notch value proposition.

Multi-Brand Product Choice

Not only in product quality, but also in product variety, healthier choices, selection of locally produced items, and range of foreign products or multicultural foods, our stores are in the ratings to excel. Our stores are equipped with goods from all over the state and world, ensuring that our Gujrati citizens have the best choice for them.

Online Grocery Shopping

With instant and safe delivery services, you can enjoy grocery shopping at HeartyMart effortlessly. Our best-rated online grocery delivery services would give you the greatest experience of shopping. Our far-chained and timely distribution team guarantees that your grocery store is properly packed and shipped to you at your marked place within minutes.

More than Satisfactory Service

Generally, our members are satisfied with the service. We allow significant exceptions with helpfulness and sensitivity to the qualities of staff and workers. We learn about your interests and provide the right advice for you.

For client input and ratings, we’re sharp-set. You are encouraging us to build the best overall experience.


HorReCa @ Hearty Mart is a highly recognizable Brand that provides the best HorReCa food supplies all over the world. We are the best HoReCa food suppliers in Ahmedabad.

We take care of all your HorReCa supplies backed by strong logistic solutions. We have a strong presence all over the Gujarat and we are one of the top HorReCa food suppliers in Gujarat and in India.

Our Commitment

The team at HorReCa @ Hearty Mart is committed to delivering premium quality of HoReCa products to Hotels, Restaurants and Caterers backed by timely delivery and outstanding customer service.
Our Brand is designed to Inspire People and assist them in their Business Growth!

Range of Our Products

Have a look at our variety of product offering at
We are premium quality of food products suppliers catering to Hotels, Restaurants.

Few of our Products are as below :

  • A widest variety of Indian spice powder
  • Excellent quality of Indian whole spices
  • Dry Fruits
  • Canning foods
  • Mocktail Ingredients
  • Ketchup and Sauces
  • Rice, Pulses and Grains
  • Pasta, Paste and colours
  • Instant Mix flour
  • Achar and Papad
  • Oil and Ghee etc.

Once you tie up with us for your HoReCa supplies, you will never change us!
We Ensure professional services at all times to our Clients.

Your Performance is Our Performance!!

We know what your Clients want. And we love serving them all. That’s we are all about.
This is what makes us and this what drives us day in day out.
We have a strong dedicated team of experts who are continuously working to delight the customers with their innovation and improvements.

Benefits of getting Associated with HoReCa @ Hearty Mart Enterprise

  • High and Premium quality of Food products.
  • Vast variety of food products.
  • Standard process to monitor quality at every level.
  • Timely delivery of products.
  • Modern facilities at our Warehouse.
  • Prompt Logistics facilities.

Let’s meet up to move further.

Partnering and Growing with You!!

We would like to thank all our associates who chose us as their HoReCa food suppliers in Gujarat and all over India. We shall continuously provide you with better services and premium quality of food products.

Because Client Matters! Because that’s Who We Are!

We would like to partner as the complete HoReCa food suppliers for more and more hotels, restaurants and caterers PAN India.


Looking for Indian Spices Supplier or Indian Spices Exporter?

India is a land of spices and its spices are famous all over the world. Indian spices are used in whole form, grounded or powder form. India is the largest producer and supplier of spices.

Hearty Mart is one of the leading Spices Suppliers in Gujarat and offers a wide variety of spices with essential oils and aroma. No matter what your need is, we promise to serve our best to you. We are already exporting to many countries, be it grounded spices like red chilli, Turmeric, Dhania etc, pr be it Blended spices like Tea masala, Dry samosa masala, Jal jeera masala, Kitchen King masala, Chass masala, Kashmiri chilli powder, Kasuri methi etc. You name it and we can provide you with the best and excellent quality spices. To know about our wide range of products, visit – Cash and Carry division of Hearty Mart Enterprise

We are known as one of the best Indian Spices Suppliers and best Indian Spices Exporters in the world. Our goal is to provide best Indian spices to every corner of the globe. Everyone should have the taste of Indian spices and should be able to take the benefit of its medicinal properties also together with a great taste and aroma.

The Indian spices when blended in the right amount to the dish, the dish becomes magical in taste and quality. It takes the dish to the next level altogether.

Hearty Mart is one of the premium qualities of Indian Spices Suppliers/Exporters in Gujarat and we take great pride in stating this. You will find the finest quality of spices with us with total focus on excellence and integrity.

What makes us the best Indian Spices Supplier/Exporter?

  1. We have a strong quality and testing team.
  2. We are dedicated to providing Indian spices of premium quality and excellent taste.
  3. We are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Indian spices.
  4. We have an extensive range of grounded or whole spices.
  5. We give utmost importance to the aroma and taste.
  6. We maintain the medicinal properties of all the spices and also the essential oils present in them.
  7. We have some of the best selling brands under the banner of Hearty Mart which is liked and used by many people. Its demand is growing day by day.

Therefore, whenever you think of Indian Spices Suppliers or Indian Spices Exporters, think of us.


We are the Exporters and Suppliers of Indian Spices – Freshest Quality without Exception!

We are the best Indian Spices Suppliers in Gujarat and the best Cash and Carry Food Products Suppliers in Ahmedabad, India.

If you are looking for Cash and Carry Food Products for your wholesale needs or retail needs, Our Cash and Carry division will take care of all your needs.

We have a wide range of spices that covers Grounded Spices like Mirch (Red Chilli), Turmeric, Dhania, Dhana-Jeera. Our range of Blended spices covers Tea masala, Fruit masala, Chana masala, Pani puri masala, Jal jeera masala, Amchur powder, Sambhar masala, etc. We are one of the leading Indian Spices Suppliers in Gujarat.

We are fully capable of providing you with any bulk deal for all Cash and Carry Products in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and India at affordable and reasonable prices.

Your One Stop Food Solutions Provider

We are one of the very few spice suppliers in Ahmedabad who is one stop solutions for a wide and complete range of spices.
With years of experience in this field, we know your taste.
To know more about our Cash and Carry Products, please contact us.

Convenience and Value

If you prefer convenience and value, then you are at the right place. Hearty Mart’s Cash and Carry division makes life easier for your business by providing excellent quality food products at the right time. We completely understand the value of time and take immense pride in saying that we have delivered our products well on time always.

Looking for Spices Exporters in India, contact us.

We have a superb and great team who have extensive product knowledge and understand the value of quality and taste. We are the leaders in Cash and Carry Products in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Our focus has always been to provide total food solutions with the support of a strong and dedicated team.

Benefits of buying Cash and Carry Food Products from Hearty Mart

  • We provide superior and excellent quality food products.
  • Our spices have great aroma that will never want you close the lid of the box!
  • On time delivery at all times.
  • Great convenience
  • Value for money
  • One point for all your food products
  • We are the best Indian Spice Exporters in India
  • We are the best Spice supplier in Gujarat and Ahmedabad
  • Great operational setup


Highest Quality combined with Outstanding Customer Services

We are the supplier of the best quality of Horeca food supplies in Ahmedabad. At our Horeca division, all your food needs would be fulfilled. Therefore, if you are on this website looking for HoReCa Wholesale Food Supplier in Gujarat, then you are at the right place. We love to work as your partner in your operations for hotels, restaurants and catering with our competitive prices and fast service for you food needs.

We know how much energy and passion you have put in your business, we promise to do justice with that passion and to your promise to your Customers of providing best quality food on their table.

Farm Fresh Food!

Right from the sourcing the food till the delivery on the table is our motto backed by continuous innovations and research!! We know that finest ingredients make the best food. We have the strong support of local agriculture for finest quality of food. We believe in philosophy of Fresh food on the table.

We are blessed to state that we have already become one of the top Horeca food distributors in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Therefore, if you are looking for catering supplies, hotel supplies or restaurant supplies in Rajasthan and Gujarat, we could assist you with our products and powerful delivery cycle.

Fantastic and Complete food range for your Customers!!

Our products range from spices, dry fruits, canning food, mocktail ingredients, rice, grains, pulses, ketchups, sauces, pasta, instant mix, char, papad, etc… You name the product and we could supply you with best quality. This wide range of products and quick customer services makes us the first choice for hotels, caterers and restaurants if they are looking for best Horeca food distributors for their complete food needs.

To know more about our products, please visit – HoReCa at Hearty Mart Enterprise 

Our footprints in Rajasthan!!

We are happy to share that now mostly when any hotelier, caterer and restaurants are looking for best Horeca Food Supplies Rajasthan, we are their first choice. We continue to make their customer’s happy.

We totally understand that how little things can make a huge difference in your business and we are there to take care of all those small things. We are pro-active in our approach and have believe in long lasting relationships with our Clients.


We are a Quality fresh vegetables and fruits supplier in Ahmedabad!!

If you are looking for fresh vegetables suppliers and fresh fruit suppliers, then, we are pleased to inform you that your own loved group, HEARTY MART has ventured into vegetable supplies and fruit supplies. But as it has always been, our context is not to be just another vegetable suppliers or fruit supplier in Ahmedabad. Our context as usual is the same, Creating more entrepreneurs, making a difference and in doing so ensuring the best quality fresh vegetables and fruits supplies in Ahmedabad.

Hearty Mart’s ‘Farm2Market’ initiative brings Farms output directly to the market. So how do you as customer benefit out of it? We claim that we are among best fresh vegetables suppliers or fresh fruit supplier but how? The reason is that farmers are not working for “us” but are working with us. This approach has made our way to the top among fruit and veg suppliers Ahmedabad.

Happy to Provide Fresh vegetables supplies in Ahmedabad

Farmers are the backbone of this nation and India is agro based country. This statement is something which we have been listening since independence. However harsh reality is that farmers are community which has not been able to utilize their yield fully such that they are economically prosperous and more able technologically. Standing on our commitment of increasing employment opportunities in village itself, such that migration to city is less and villages prosper, we work with farmers for their overall growth. We focus on providing critical support in agriculture productivity, procurement and distribution. We help them reduce overheads and focus on using natural raw materials, discouraging chemical usage on farms.

We aim to provide best support in terms of free consultancy and guidance, right from what to sow, best seeds procurement, updating them about technology, making farmers aware about various government schemes, incentives and initiative.

We aim to bridge the above and back it up with our strong distribution network. Combination of both makes us best vegetable suppliers in Ahmedabad and best fresh fruit suppliers Ahmedabad. We are supplying our fresh vegetables and fruits to various restaurants, hotels, caterers and our stores.

In doing so what you have is quality vegetables and fruits aided by our strong distribution network ensuring the freshness delivered in your plate at hotel/restaurant or in your grocery bag from our stores. Contact us for vegetable suppliers Ahmedabad and fruit suppliers Ahmedabad.

Fresh vegetable supplier or fresh fruit supplier is the output of holistic approach that Hearty Mart’s ‘Farm2Market’ initiative is achieving. We have just started and we strongly believe that our this initiative shall help us make our villages the thriving place which it deserves to be!

Therefore, if you are looking for fresh vegetables suppliers Ahmedabad and fresh fruit suppliers Ahmedabad, you are at the right place.


We are HoReCa Specialists

We are Hotel food suppliers providing total food solutions for your Hotel’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Minimize your complexities and get all your HoReCa food supplies from Horeca @ Hearty Mart Enterprise.
Therefore, if you are looking for complete HoReCa food suppliers in Ahmedabad and Vadodara, we can cater to all your customer’s food needs with our wide range of products.

We are are also HoReCa food suppliers in Surat, Vapi, and Himatnagar.
Also when it comes to Jamnagar, Gujarat, Rajasthan, we are HoReCa food suppliers to many hotels, caterers and restaurants.

Our Products Range

Our HoReCa products have a wide and remarkable range from Indian spice powder to Indian whole spices, Dry Fruits, Canning foods, Mocktail Ingredients Ketchup and Sauces, Rice, Pulses and Grains, Pasta, Paste and colours, Instant Mix flour, Achar, Papad, Oil and Ghee.

Visit page to know our complete range of products –

Therefore, we are complete catering food suppliers and we make sure that premium quality of products is delivered to our Clients. We take care of all our products right from the sourcing till the delivery to the end Clients.

We help enhance your Performance!!

Your Client is our Client!! Yes, this is what we believe in! Our skilled team with great experience is constantly working to make your Clients happier and more satisfied.
Our warehouse has the optimum conditions to process and store food that maintains quality and freshness.
Our passion is to help hotels, restaurants and caterers prosper!!

Top Benefits of HoReCa @ Hearty Mart Enterprise

  • Fresh and premium quality of Food products.
  • Strict Quality control by standard procedures.
  • Fast delivery of products.
  • Warehouse with modern facilities.
  • Logistics facilities.

If you are seeking Hotel food suppliers who can provide all the above services, then meet us today!!

We are Growing!!

We are growing day by day due to the love and trust of all our Clients. HoReCa section is the backbone of our Company and we are moving at high speed and becoming the trusted HoReCa food suppliers for more and more hotels, restaurants and caterers.

We are always enthusiastic and optimistic to provide our Clients the best food products.

Be a part of our team and delight your Customers with top quality and best in class food and they would never leave you!! Your Promise is our Commitment!