About Us

Hearty Mart brings the 21st century retail format to the rural and semi urban market. Convenience, range and value for money brought to your neighborhood with its chain of supermarkets spread across the length and breadth of Gujarat. Hence, our tagline, “Sabse Khaas Ghar Ke Paas.” We at Hearty Mart believe our consumers are our guests and they deserve only the very best!

Hearty Mart Enterprise is committed to work for the development of rural public and continuously on the look out for different opportunities that can be created at the rural level. Creating rural entrepreneurs and the launch of Adarsh Gruh Udyog are such initiatives & programs aimed at social upliftment at grass root levels for a better harmonious society.



To constantly work on opening up new entrepreneurial avenues for rural communities.


To touch the life of every Indian and provide him with the best merchandise that suits his lifestyles.

Business Philosophy

“A successful businessman is not just a person earning a huge profit or with a big bank balance. True businessman is driven by a passion to do something good. To bring in change. To do whatever possible for his stake holders, so that they can run the business well. To nurture the business like a parent till it is strong enough to run on its own. That is business and that is success.”